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 Olivia has been active in the field of English teaching for many years. We  have been setting up Language Laboratories.

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   Olivia is a well-known brand in English language lab and multi-media aids in the field of language teaching.  We are backed by world class academic expertise and our goodwill in the domain is without any comparison.    We have developed language lab solutions that address all the issues relating to accent and fluency in English spoken by non- native learners.  Our teaching solutions have been universally accepted and appreciated. Our concepts are innovative, focused on the learner's needs. It is cost-effective also.   Our slogan is “make India speak English the way the world does and we work to uphold it. Olivia’s concept is: "The language lab is the medium, the software is the teacher, and the teacher is the facilitator”   

What we do


  •    What is a language lab? Language lab is a facility incorporated in a non-native country to impart native like accent and fluency in any language. As far as we are concerned the language is ENGLISH. We have to speak English the way the natives speak that language. The main lacuna that we encounter is that we do not learn or understand the characteristics of English. Those characteristics are the sounds of English and the stress patterns. Our language does not contain these characters. Our system of education does not impart this any of our curriculum except BA English. The main function of the lab is to impart the difference between what we do and what we should do. There should be modules to teach what is global English and modules to practice it.
  •   Different type of language labs The available solutions in the country can be classified under two categories. 
  • 1. Software based. 2. Hardware based. 
  • Software based The first one is the software installed in the network of computers. A network of computers will never be a good form of delivery as far as the language lab is concerned. The computers are mostly arranged through the walls and that arrangement is good for computer education. But for language study eye contact is necessary and hence a face to face seating arrangement will be better. Further, such a costly apparatus is not necessary for language study.
  •  Hardware based. This is a device to transmit the sounds through some apparatuses.  They say- a lot of software is available in the market and any one can be used. Here the quality of the software is not tested or authenticated.  
  •  What we need is  What we need is an integrated solution. A perfect blend of the hardware system and the software made for the purpose. An indigenous one is better. OLIVIA ENGLISH LANGUAGE LAB is the perfect blend and the best integrated solution. Integration of the best software ever made indigenous with the present day digital hardware system. We made the software first and then integrated that with the hardware system made in consonance with the requirements of the software.      4. DELIVERY MODE     The students have to be brought to the lab twice a week and if we stick to that schedule, our students will get maximum 60 classes in a year. Portions for these sixty days are prefixed and given to the teacher in the teachers guide book. Explanations as to what is to be given on each day and how it is to be given are provided in the work book. A write up on what she/he has to do for the 40 minutes on that day is recorded there. This will help implementing the program in the manner that we have envisaged it.   
  •  If you have a different perception better than what we have, a customized instruction could be given.   We segregate the project as noted below: - 
  • First year  …………………….Conceptualization  
  • Second year…………………..Fluency. 
  • Third year………………………Vocabulary building.  
  • Fourth year……………………Consolidation and recapitulation.        Any student who is in the fourth standard now, when he reaches Eighth standard, will have a positive shift in the way they speak English. Their accent and tone will be positively different. If the other teachers also follow suit the campus will have a positive shift in the way they speak English.  We endeavor to make the change, but the initiative should come from the side of the management.                        The 60 classes in the first year are segregated as detailed herein.First dayIntroduction2nd  & 3rd DayLetters of the Alphabets in English4th to 19th DaySounds of EnglishConsonants, Vowels, Vowel glides, Stress Patterns and intonation patterns21st,22nd &23rd DayBack to letters of the English Alphabets to teach small words and more words23rd to 60th DayPracticing neutralization exercises and Role play conversations.  THE TEACHERS GUIDE FOR SECOND YEAR WILL BE GIVEN SEPARATELY BY THE END OF THE FIRST YEAR ON REQUEST    1. Olivia English Language Lab  Olivia language lab reflects and depicts the concept of the perfect blend of the software and hardware system and the example of the best language lab. Our concept is simple.   THE CONCEPT:                                                                                                                                                                                 OLIVIA has produced the software in the multi-media format.                                                                                                            It has visuals as well as voice-over.                                                                                                                                                      The visuals are projected in a big screen using an LCD projector.                                                                                                               The voice is simultaneously transmitted to the student through the head phone.                                                                                                               This simultaneous “seeing and hearing” makes a greater impact in learning.                                                                                      OLIVIA has never compromised on quality either in content or delivery.                                                                                 VARIOUS COMPONENTS of OLIVIA LANGUAGE LAB                                                                                                                 LAPTOP:                                                                                                                                                                                                   We use a computer or a lap top. The software is loaded into the computer or laptop.                                                               This will be dedicated software for the purpose of language lab.                                                                                           The configuration is selected to suit the requirements of the software.                                                                                        LCD Projector:                                                                                                                                                                                         We use a projector emitting not less than 2000 lumens so that it can be used during day time also.   The visual in                                                                                                                                                                      the software is projected on a big screen using this projector, so that everyone in the class can clearly see the projected image. It usually ranges from 6 feet x 4 feet to 8 feet x 6 feet depending on the number of students.                                                                                                                                                                                              TEACHER UNIT:                                                                                                                                                                                         This is the controlling unit. The whole system is user-friendly and can be operated by a teacher with a couple of hours of briefing. The teacher chooses the lesson in a module and assigns a task to the students, the students perform the task and the teacher monitors and assesses the performance. It has a head phone attached to it. The teacher speaks to the students through the head phone and the students receive it through the head phone. The classes are handled in a friendly and gentle way. There is no shouting in the class but the process of learning continues silently.                                                                                                                                                                                             STUDENT UNITS -This is a Digital Apparatus. Each student sits with this instrument. There is no sharing of student units in Olivia language lab.  It has the following features and functions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            1. It receives the sound from the computer and also from the teacher and enables the learner to hear it through the head phone.                                                                                                                                                                                        2. It transmits the sound from the student to the teacher thereby making interaction between the teacher and the students possible.                                                                                                                                                                                                     3. It transmits the sound of the students to the computer which then records it.                                                                 POWER SUPPLY UNIT:                                                                                                                                                                              This regulates the power supply to the student units at 40 Volts.                                                                                       Uniqueness.                                                                                                                                                                                                       1. Integration of the best digital hardware system with the best software in English ever made. OLIVIA has the best digital hardware system. This reduces the cost of the total language lab, since individual computers per seat is not necessary In place of that we use a student unit which costs only Rs.5000/- per unit.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 2.   THE VOICE PRO - We have incorporated   VOICE PRO software built inside the software makes it possible for the student to practice and come to a neutral accent. The “voice-pro facilitates immediate correction by the teacher, thereby making the total system more utility oriented.                                                                                                           3. The concept is unique. The visuals are projected through an LCD projector and the voice transmitted through the head phone which makes seeing the image and hearing the voice simultaneously possible.                                                                                                                                                          4. This is 100% teacher oriented and the teacher can improve the student, to the extent as she/he wishes.                                                                                                                                                                                  5. It is user friendly. Any student/teacher will get accustomed to the usage in one or two days THE SOFTWARE. The software is made seeing the Indian students in our front.1. Whatever we lack in English has been given in it.2. This is the only software which starts from the letters of the alphabets in English and goes on a graded process to the highest level.3. We have presented everything required for standard and stylish English, which the teacher can acquire from the software and deliver it to the students.4. The voice over is authentic, and at par with the native accent, accepted by any Americans          and  British.5. The voice is intelligible to us and we understand at the first instance itself.6. This is the only software where training modules for teachers are available.7. We make global English easy for our students since our starting point is the sounds of English and thereafter the letters of the alphabets. 8. In 21 modules we present everything your teachers and students need to acquire the best in English related skills. NOW THERE ARE 21 MODULES IN THE SOFTWARE- THIS IS ON THE INCREASE.  1: Letters of the Alphabet (Teachers).                                                                                                                                                  Our module starts with the correct pronunciation of the 26 letters.                                                                                 After that small words that are being taught in the LKG/UKG classes are presented and correct pronunciation presented. This serves as a good exercise to correct the incorrect pronunciation acquired by our students.                                                                                                                                                                           In the portion called “more words” the words that we use regularly but in the incorrect way, are presented and explained. We have seen that this is a good exercise well appreciated by the teachers in all parts of the country. Teachers benefit from this because; explanations on why and how we make errors in pronunciation are part of the presentation.      2. Letters of the Alphabet (Students) :                                                                                                                                         It is a teaching tool. In this section, explanations about letters and words are avoided.  The voice-over addresses the children directly. Only the correct pronunciation is given. The idea is to expose the children to the correct pronunciation without distracting their attention by providing explanatory details. The explanations are not given since we feel that the tender mind should not be filled with rules but the teachers have to correct them in the ideal way and we train the teachers to do the job.     3.& 4 Global English for Children: A graded presentation to know the pausing, stressing and intonation patterns.   A teaching tool. This module is meant for children in the 1st standard and the 2nd standard. In some schools, the same material can be used for higher standards (up to 3rd standard) as well. It depends on the average skill level of children in different schools. We have included words and small sentences for the beginners to speak correct English. Both correct pronunciation and correct sentence delivery are given importance. The presentation is graded from the least difficult to the least easy. The aspect of pausing is introduced and explained. This helps to change the style of English acquired. 5. Stories: 12 stories told to our junior students. To some schools, it forms part of their text book. The stories told to young students in the LKG/ UKG, 1st standard etc. Stories are animated and narrated in correct English. These stories help a long way in acquiring correct English. We will feel the difference while going through these stories.   6. Introduction to English:  This is a very large section. In this, we introduce the sounds of English, stress patterns, pause patterns, consonants, vowels and vowel glides.  This is a comprehensive guide to show how English is spoken by us and how English should be spoken in a globalized world.  There are 40 frames in this module. On completing these frames the style of English spoken by them will considerably change towards a positive side. Show how English is spoken by us and how English should be spoken in a globalized world.      7. Neutralization Exercises:    We present 46 sets of sentences in a graded manner in this module. Stress patterns, pause patterns, intonation patterns, etc. are presented in an easy-to-understand manner.  The entire corpus is given a voice over using a globally acceptable accent. Going through these sentences and copying the rhythm and tone as they hear will change the way they speak English. The “voice-pro” in the software, give ample scope for the student to record their voice in the computer and that gives the teacher room for correcting everybody in their style and standard. This recording in the voice pro is in addition to their own practicing in the DIGITAL VOICE RECORDER in the student unit.These two types of recording give ample scope for correction and when the students complete the 46 modules there will be positive shift in the style and standard in the way the students speak English. It should be our effort to retain the improvements that we have brought out in them.  8.Situational English:                                                                                                                                                                            We have presented 21 situational conversations. The students can acquire all  necessary surround cues or situational cues for their daily use of English from these conversations. Even as they watch and listen to these dialogues, their English will graduate to a higher level of confidence and fluency. After each conversation, words and phrases used in it as well as grammatical points are explained and discussed. The pronunciation part in that conversation also is touched upon.  9. Vocabulary & Fluency building exercises:  Conversations between imaginary characters are presented. Words, usages, phrases, etc., used in the conversations are explained at the bottom of the frames. Repeated watching of these conversations will improve the learner's command of apt words.  We have also presented some games with words and phrases. The way of presentation is so interesting that the students, while playing the games, acquire new words, phrases, etc., which add to their vocabulary.18 conversations and 5 games as presented in this module. To improve vocabulary power, 6000 words included.    10. Common Errors in English: There are large numbers of mistakes that have crept into our English.                                     In this section we have presented 150 such mistakes that non-native speakers usually commit in English and have corrected it. The best way to get rid of errors in your English speech will be for you to watch and listen to the guidelines in this section.                                                                                                                                                                            11. Phonetics:  We have presented everything in phonetics including the difference between American and British English. This serves as a good tool for the teachers who teach phonetics. It is our hope that very shortly phonetics will be in the syllabus for small classes very shortly.                                                                                                                                Tomorrow’s requirement made available today. Everything in conventional phonetics presented.                                              12. Grammar: This section in our module presents a comprehensive view of English grammar. Everything in grammar is animated and presented. Children will find their learning fun and while watching the animated visuals, they absorb concepts in English grammar without the confusion and hard work associated with learning of grammar.  In each section the rule is explained first and then it is further explained through animated conversations. At the end of all topics, exercises on that topic are given which comprehend learning.                                                                                                                                 13. Pronouncing Dictionary: Olivia presents, for the first time in an instructional module in English, a pronouncing dictionary.                                             A tool to induce students to learn pronunciation of words.                                                                                                                                                   There are nearly 1000 words included.                                                                                                                                                  It is presented in the form of conversations. Each word is first pronounced in the way most Indians pronounce it. Then it is corrected by the other person with the correct pronunciation stating the rules of stress pattern and pronunciation. This helps the students to realize their mistakes and correct them.   14. Vocabulary Dictionary:  We have included 2500 words.                                                                                                        These are words usually used in day to day conversations by an average adult speaker. The words and their meaning are voiced by R.K.Iyer. Repeated listening and watching will empower the learner's speech.   15. Practice   Materials on grammar topics:  Nearly 2000 questions and answers on grammar on a graded process are presented. The answers are provided. The score can be watched on rising/falling graphs.  16. Tinku – Edu – games: Everything in Grammar presented in the form of games. It is a good tool to learn grammar with fun. Just watch the games – grammar will get into you. 17&18. Teacher Training (K.G.)&Teacher Training Module  (General):                                                                                              It is a good presentation. Any serious teacher can follow and get migrated to a higher domain in English speaking by seriously listening to this. This section is meant for KG teachers, we address the needs of very young learners in the age group 3 to 6.  In fact, this section is intended to motivate the teacher to perform her role better. The concept of Global English is introduced to the teachers so that they raise their standard.  They are also introduced to the various instructional exercises and practice material available in the software.  The teachers need to acquire an acceptable accent, if not a perfect one.  This is all the more necessary in a good English medium school which cares for the quality of English taught to their children. The aim of this section is to provide guidelines to teachers. It can serve as a good model for teachers so that they acquire a correct accent. Each lesson is presented in visual frames which are further explained. All this integrated training is in addition to the personal training that we impart when we install the lab in your school. This is a ready reference for teachers made available in the software even after the formal training been given to the teachers to use and acquire the paradigm of correct English.Anybody who goes through the 90 frames in the module will have a different concept regarding English and they will have a positive shift in the way they conceive English.19. Olivia English:  71 questions are presented. These conversations will help the lower class teachers in daily conversation with their students. For each question more than 5 forms are given. It is a guide book for teachers. It will add to the templates. 20. & 21 Role play 1&2 We have two role play models.  One contains 54 conversations and the other 22 conversations. These are all conversations lasting for 30 seconds to one minute.These are presented in a unique way. Repeating these conversations in the class or the lab, help the students to understand the rhythm of English and its tone and intonation pattern. Since it is voiced by local students, the students feel that they can also do like that. 22.Modules for CBSE (Teachers.): Whatever the CBSE has now recently instructed the teachers to do is in this module. It is a correct and dependable guide.                                                                                                                                                                            23. Modules for CBSE ( students):  The audio or video presentation of the student can be monitored by the teacher and finally recorded in the module. The audio as well as the video can be presented. It can be written to a CD directly from the software. IN SHORT, the software contains everything required for stylish and acceptable English.The hardware is made in consonance with the requirements of the software to produce maximum benefit to the students and better results. Systematic approach and use will bring in the best results.   Let’s let the new generation acquire correct English.             1. OLIVIA LEARN ENGLISH SERIES1. News2. Contact us.     3. Contact Us   OLIVIA EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMSRajalakshmi annex (above Polimer Channel)NGN Road, New Sidhapudur, Coimbatore - 641 044. Phone: 0422 - 6548715 Mobile: +91 98944 18100, +91 92445 30415 E-mail: psj100@rediffmail.com Olivia Software  The essence of any language lab is the corpus in it or the software used in it. Olivia language lab software is the integration of the efforts of a large team of professionals working under expert guidance. The academic expertise of Mr. R.K. Iyer gained over a period of 30 years has been fully utilized in presenting the product. The systematic approach to teaching English, in addition to the voice-over  of  Mr.R.K.Iyer, sets our software apart from all others. We have a systematic approach towards teaching English.We start from the letters of the alphabets in English and the words that is taught in the LKG classes. And it is a graded tour though the sounds of English, stress pattern, consonants, vowels and vowel glides, situational conversations, etc.  It is focused on the LKG child as well as the adult learner and every body will get enough to be picked up from the content to learn, practice and improve their English. This is the only software where training modules for the teachers as well are included.Since the delivery is done by the computer, the role of the teacher is that of a facilitator. Still the teachers can acquire it from the software and then deliver it to the students. We have included 14 comprehensive modules covering all aspects of correct English, with which the learner can acquire good accent and fluency.        The 14 Modules are: (These fourteen modules are explained in detail in the demonstration page) 1. English Alphabets ( for teachers)2. English Alphabets ( for students)3. Training module for teachers( General)4. Training module for KG teachers.5. Global English for children.6. Introduction7. Neutralization exercises8. Grammar9. Phonetics10     Situational English 11. Common errors in English12. Vocabulary building exercises13. Pronunciation dictionary14. Vocabulary dictionary  CLICK HERE FOR A DEMO OF OUR LANGUAGE LAB SOLUTION   1.   Alphabet (Teachers) Letters of the Alphabet (Teachers).Starting from the letters of the alphabet, we acquire English in the incorrect way. It is better to say that incorrect English is delivered to the students from the beginning. In this module we start an effort to stop acquiring incorrect English by stopping incorrect delivery. We train the teachers to deliver it correct. Each letter is correctly pronounced explaining what mistake we make while pronouncing it. The teachers are equipped with the right pronunciation of the letters so that they can acquire it from the software and deliver the same to the students. The words that are being taught in the L.K.G. classes are also included.

    The words are also explained specifying syllables and stress pattern. “Let the new generation acquire English with stress pattern from the beginning.” That is our goal. 2. Alphabet (Students) Letters of the Alphabet (Students).The explanations about letters and words are avoided. Only the correct pronunciation is given. We feel, the students are not to hear the explanations from the software direct, but from the teacher and that also in the form of correcting them.3. Teacher Training  Training Modules for the Teachers. The teachers should have access to correct English. Today it has become highly necessary for the teachers to have the correct accent in English if they are teaching in an English medium school. This module can be used by any teacher as a good tool to acquire correct English. Each part of the lessons is presented in the frames which are further explained. This is in addition to the initial training imparted by us while installing the lab. This module serves as a “guru” near them to clear any doubt relating to acquiring skills in English.4. Teacher Training (K.G.)   Training Module for KG Teachers.   This is a motivation module to introduce the need for global English to the KG teachers. Global English is introduced to them and they are attracted towards the various instructional modules in the training modules available in the software.  5. Global English for Children  Global English for Children. This is meant for the junior students in the U.K.G., 1st standard and the 2nd standard or even can go up to the 3rd standard. We have included words and small sentences for the beginners to speak correct English.The right pronunciation and sentence delivery is given importance. It is presented in a graded process.   6. Introduction Introduction. We introduce sounds of English, stress patters, pause patterns, consonants, vowels and vowel glides. This is a guide to show what we should do and what we are doing. It is a good tool to understand the mistakes that we are doing and a tool to correct the mistake. The journey towards globally acceptable English starts here.7. Neutralization  Neutralization Exercises. We present 46 sets of sentences in a graded process in this module. Stress pattern, pause pattern, interrogation pattern, total intonation pattern, etc., are taken care of and these sentences are voiced. Going through these sentences and copying the rhythm and tone as they hear ,will change the way they speak English.  8. Grammar  Grammar.
    Everything in grammar is animated and presented. While watching the wonderful animations, grammar gets into the stream of the learner. 9. Phonetics Phonetics.  Phonetics will become compulsory from lower classes in the very near future. We have presented everything in phonetics including the difference between American and British English. A good tool for the teachers who teach phonetics. 10. Situational English Situational English.  We have presented 21 situational conversations. The students can acquire all the necessary surround cues or situational cues for their daily usage from these conversations. While acquiring this, their standard of English will elevate. Here we have presented the correct English usage and not the translated version of the local language. After each conversation, the new vocabulary in the conversation, functional grammar and pronunciation in the conversation etc are explained and discussed. 11. Common ErrorsCommon Errors.  It is a fact that we acquire incorrect English through incorrect sources.There are mistakes that have crept into our English and we carry them forward without knowing or seriously noting it. We have presented 150 such commonly made, mistakes that non-native speakers commit in English. While reviewing the mistakes presented here, which are corrected then and there, these mistakes get eradicated from the learners stream.12. Vocabulary & Fluency  Vocabulary Building Conversations.  Conversations between imaginary characters are presented in 18 Frames. Words, usages, phrases, etc., used in the conversations are explained at the bottom of the frames. These words, usages, phrases, etc., get into the stream of the students while repeatedly hearing them. We have also presented some games with words and phrases. The way of presentation is so interesting that the students while playing the games, acquire new words, phrases, etc., which add to their vocabulary. 13. Pronunciation Dictionary  Pronunciation Dictionary.  Here 1000 words are included. It is presented in the form of conversations.Each word is first pronounced by the first person in the way most Indians pronounce it. Then it is corrected by the other person with the correct pronunciation stating the rules of stress pattern and pronunciation. This helps the students to realize their mistakes and correct them.14. Vocabulary Dictionary   Vocabulary Dictionary. We have included 2500 words. These are words usually used in day to day conversations by an average adult speaker. The words and their meaning are voiced by R.K.Iyer. The students can even learn these words by heart if they wish so.  


  •   It is a series of software products aimed at different segments of the society –by society we mean any society other than the native speakers namely British and the Americans. As far as India and Indians are concerned, ‘English’ means British English. That means that unless otherwise specified as American English, we mention British English. That is because of our nearness to British English from the beginning.Like that there may be countries that follow American English. There the case will be different and to them English may mean American English if nothing is specified.     if  nothing is specified.   
  •   Americans and British, both accept general characteristics of the language in the common way as 26 letters, 44 sounds and two stress patterns. Both have accepted Daniel Jones as the father of pronunciation. There are certain difference between American English and British English. Even in spelling a word that difference exists. For example COLOR is American and COLOUR is British. This is just one example word. Like that there are differences in pronunciation also. The main difference could be summarized as lengthening or shortening of vowel sounds or conspicuous presence of the ‘r’ sound, using different sounds as in dog, schedule etc. notwithstanding these differences English spoken by both Americans and British are mutually intelligible where as we are not so. That is mainly because of the conviction of the sounds of English. So our effort also should be to acquire the sounds of that language correctly and using the same in English words. Now what we do is substituting the nearest equivalent sounds from our language and use that sound for producing English words. That makes our English different from both and remarked as ‘ugly’ English. Learning the 26 letters 44 sounds and two stress patterns in English and knowing how these sounds are distributed in words that aspect is to be given prime importance.  Keeping these in mind we have made some software packages that could be used by different segment of people in the society. They are:
  •  1. Global English for kids. 
  •  2. Grammar for everyday life.
  •  3. Complete Grammar for Students.
  •  4. English conversations for everyday life. 
  •  5. A course in English for teachers &professions.
  •  6. Unfolding the intricacies of English ( in vernacular)    

  •   1. Global English for kids. We start learning English early. May be from the age of two or so, But do we get that language right. In most of the case ‘NO’ is the answer. The situation could be explained simply as “everybody knows English. But nobody knows what it is.” Change the way we conceive it. Feel the difference. Even the smallest word like ‘apple’ needs correction. Each word is acquired with two or more mistakes in it. It comes with instructions for the parent. Any parent who has children from the age of two cannot afford to miss if you wish to bring them up in a positively different way. 
  • 2. Grammar for everyday life. Grammar is a subject that is taught in classes from the 4th or 5th standard and continues till graduation or even post-graduation. But there are many who make grammatical mistakes after that. Mostly it is considered as a dull subject. We add animations and use different method of explaining to add fun to the subject so that acquisition becomes easier and simple. This product is aimed at ADULT LEARNERS and those who have completed their studies but have difficulties in interpreting grammar. The utmost necessary aspects that are necessary to express correctly alone are dealt with. These are especially areas where mistakes are usual. A good product for the segment to avoid usually made mistakes that will change the idea that you are trying to communicate.
  •  3. Complete Grammar for Students. Grammar is explained simply as items and their arrangements. Words are the items and sentence structures are the arrangements. There are rules as to how two words could be joined. That is what we have included in this software. It extensively covers all areas that any students in India have it in their syllabus. A product designed for students to understand grammar without monotony and one that helps them to score marks as a subject. A product, which any student should own, if they wish to be in the front row. 
  • 4. English conversations for everyday life. The English spoken by us is remarked or rated as inferior in quality. That is mainly because of the translated version from our vernacular, lack of stress patterns, not using the correct intonation patterns unnecessary pausing etc. We have presented conversations on a graded process. Conversations ranging from 40 seconds to two minutes are presented. The learner has to repeat these conversations in the same rhythm and tone and while doing so they depict the rhythm of speaking English in the right way. The best tool ever made that addresses fluency as well as intonation pattern in the right way.
  •  5. A course in English for teachers &professions. Our teachers and professionals should understand what correct English and should have materials for practicing it. Today most of them resort to the Google sites for knowing the pronunciation of a word. Let them acquire the foundation about that language which will put them in a better stand in understanding how a word has to be pronounced knowing how and what it is. Anybody going through the same will understand what correct English is how easily they can acquire it. The best guide for any teacher or a professional to transform them into a person interpreting what correct English is. 
  • 6. Unfolding the intricacies of English ( in vernacular) To anybody their vernacular language is more amenable to them than any other language. The explanations are given in vernacular without diluting the core subjects which are presented in English. A dual treatment is made to make understanding of the subject more deep and extensive.          

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